Look and Feel Like a Military Officer by Using Military Camo Gear  

Look and Feel Like a Military Officer by Using Military Camo Gear


I remember when I was at the battlefield donned in a full battle camo gear trying to infiltrate the base of the terrorist. My troops and I are on a mission to save a hostage kept by the group somewhere in their base. The terrorists were alarmed when they saw our troop and they started to fire  .357 Magnum Ammo For Sale their guns at us right away. We fired back and there was a long exchange of fires from both sides. I got the location of the hostage and cautiously went there amidst the crossfire.

At last I’ve reached the location of the hostage and to my surprise no one is guarding him. The sound of bombs and firing guns were out and suddenly I heard, “Anti-terrorists win!”

That was one of my experiences in the battlefield by just sitting in front of my desk. There were also times that I joined several rescue missions and wars. I have used almost all types of guns and ammo and I just fired them by just clicking my friendly mouse. The online or offline network war game is just one of the media that I use to release my frustrations of becoming a soldier. I have dreamed of becoming a soldier when I was just a kid before my interest was soon diverted to computers. From playing with toy guns I am now holding a keyboard and a mouse. But my desire of becoming a soldier is still in my heart but sad to say my body that resembles the size of the body of a marine officer in full battle gear always takes me out of the academy. They say that an obese like me will surely be a good target in the battlefield.



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