LED Lights Bulbs – Which Color Is Right For You, Bright or Warm White? Why Color Is So Important

 LED Lights Bulbs – Which Color Is Right For You, Bright or Warm White? Why Color Is So Important


LED lights bulbs are good for indoor and outdoor lighting in homes. However, you are bound to wonder exactly which intensity will achieve the desired effect. You  soft white vs daylight of led lights

certainly do not want some parts of the room to appear gloomy due to inadequate light or other parts to be excessively lit producing points with glare. Therefore, when you consider the locations for interior, the placement should be aimed at achieving homogenous lighting in the entire room.

The actual size of the room will also play an important role in determining the number of bulbs you use. A small room will require few bulbs of relatively low intensity i.e. warm white lights while a large room would need more bulbs of a much higher intensity i.e. bright white lights.

Balancing between light intensity and color

Another factor to consider when deciding on the intensity of light to be used revolves around color rendering. Rendering refers to the ability of white light to reveal the true colour of objects and surfaces when compared to natural daylight. A light close to daylight intensity is the most ideal for achieving the correct color rendering in a room.

During the day, interior lights are dimmed a bit in order to achieve a balance of illumination in the interior and the outdoors. This is especially important in rooms receiving little light from the outdoors. At night, it becomes necessary to increase the intensity of the light in order to achieve the same illumination levels. In this aspect, LEDs are suited for interior lighting since they can be dimmed from 100% intensity to as low as 10% with no effect on the light’s lifespan.




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