Bra Size – Don’t Guess at It, Get Yourself Measured and Know Your Bra Size!

Bra Size – Don’t Guess at It, Get Yourself Measured and Know Your Bra Size!


You can get hold of a bra that fits your bust size perfectly only after you find out your bust measurements correctly. Wrong bra sizes, whether they are tight or loose, have serious outcomes which may even mean back and neck injuries. Moreover, as bra sizing charts

another side effect, you may experience finger and hand numbness by wearing wrong sized bras. It’s not just about discomfort when you choose the wrong bra size; it’s about looking awkward as it makes your body look strange. Wearing a properly fitted bra can only mean two things- better looks and more comfort.

Most women are confused about the letters and size numbers they see printed on bra labels. Most of them don’t even know how to distinguish between an A size and AA size. Distinguishing between E and DD is no piece of cake for them either. Once you pay a little attention you will realize how easy it is to read all those size charts. Take a measuring tape and measure your own size in order to find out what will actually fit you.

Step 1:

Measure your body from right where your breast ends and your waist begins. The tape should be snug but make sure it’s not too tight to distort measurements. What ever readings you have simply subtract 5 from them. This way you get a band size which we will discuss later on.

Step 2:

Now measure your bust where it is fullest. At this point the tape should be comfortably lined with your body’s round and not be too tight. If the reading you get is odd, then round it. Now take your band size and subtract this new measurement from it.

Step 3:

This will give you the size of your cups. Yo



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