What to Do When Failing to Have a Satisfying Intimacy? Tips on How and What to Change – And Succeed!

 What to Do When Failing to Have a Satisfying Intimacy? Tips on How and What to Change – And Succeed!


In spite of your natural desire to have a partner with whom to develop an intimate relationship, you might find yourself, time and again, with partners that are wrong GWG L bonds complaints for you; having the same conflicts and arguments that you’ve had in the past; dissatisfied and alienated.

At times you stay in a relationship in spite of being unhappy. At other times you end it, or your partner does, and you start coping, once again, with being alone, longing to be embraced and loved. But when you embark on a new relationship, telling yourself that “this time it must work”, you find yourself in the old familiar situation, and the cycle continues…

So what’s going on here? How is it possible that something you so much desire often remains so far out of your grasp? Is there anything you can do to change this situation?

Sandra’s story (Sandra’s case will be used throughout this article as an illustration)

Sandra didn’t understand what was happening. How could it be that despite her strong desire for a relationship and after having had quite a few, she still hasn’t managed to find and cultivate one that’s right for her? Something always seems to go wrong: it either turns out that the partners she falls in love with aren’t suitable for her; that the arguments and disagreements they have made the situation unbearable; or the relationship simply ends, sometimes at her initiation, sometimes against her will. Damn! Will she ever manage to find and cultivate a satisfying, long-term relationship? Is that even possible?

Just like Sandra, it is likely that you too, after yet another failing attempt wonder: “what went wrong?”; “what did I screw up?”; “how is it that once again I find myself with a partner who isn’t right for me?”; “how did I come to be alone, again?”

You wonder how it’s possible that you’re still not capable of finding a partner that’s right for you: you might have already made more than a few attempts; you’ve met new partners, fallen in love and lived with them. So why can’t you manage to develop an intimate and satisfying long-term relationship?

At times, to ease your pain, you look around and see a significant percentage of couples that fight, even separate, and you tell yourself: “I’m just like everyone else”; “if everyone else runs into problems, why should I be any different?”; “if that’s the way things usually are, then I am fine” – thus justifying and rationalizing your own situation, even if, deep down inside, you yearn to find and develop “your own” kind of relationship; one that will satisfy you; one in which you’ll feel “at home”; one you won’t have to constantly worry that it might collapse, like so many times in the past. Is it too much to ask?

As a matter of fact, this is not too much to ask. Finding and cultivating an intimate, satisfying relationship is a very natural and human desire. So what can you do in order to finally succeed?




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