Urgent Humanitarian Message To You, Your Family and Friends


The world about you is just a deception. Your life is a film featuring, prearranged and coordinated by YOU: Your contemplations, sentiments, feelings and disposition for example ‘where you are intentionally at’ is the content, while the world ‘out there’ is the cine projector which pillars back onto your mind, the cinema.


Decision through strengthening


Considering that the world is a deception through your own effort what are you going to think about it? You have 2 options. Which film will you make manifest: The terrible situation by picking the clouded side or paradise on Earth having earnestly committed to spreading the adoration, harmony and light?


  1. Picking the clouded side


Will you pick a daily existence in view of ‘administration to self?’ A day to day existence predicated on inner self, acknowledgment and consideration chasing… handily tempted by cash, sex and power? – What about the karmic outcomes Illuminati sign up back at you for going into this understanding?


Or on the other hand, similarly dim, would you say you will intentionally make a world for yourself, loved ones in light of exploitation where the film will reflect uneasiness, dread, outrage, agony and injury..? What will be the examples here in the event that you pick the slave understanding, exploitation? Do you adore your own bondage?


To quit understanding here: One of the signs of casualties is that they won’t permit themselves to be added to and the reason for this piece follows straightaway, a commitment as illumination. – How to make a life that is sustaining and satisfying, one that has an effect on everybody. Casualties see commitment as a danger to keeping up with their exploitation…


  1. Picking the side of adoration, harmony and light


As the profound conflict results many individuals are awakening to the acknowledgment of who the clouded side’s reality tip top rulers are and their detestable plan, to oppress mankind. On the off chance that you’re one of these individuals in the acknowledgment would you say you are making a difference either way it? On the off chance that not, then does it take the well to dry up for you to shout out water lack at last? Remembering the weightiness of the circumstance, the incomprehensibly desperate results in the event that the clouded side have their direction; indifference other than obliviousness is not a good reason: Contrary to the clouded side’s conviction every one of the assets expected to make a world in view of adoration, harmony and light ARE accessible.


Along these lines, this is my clarion call, an enticement for all, to pick the side of adoration harmony and light. As the tune goes, connect like ‘faithful comrades,’ join the group of co-makers expected to stop the clouded side’s malevolent intrigues.


Serene activism


The method for accomplishing the paradise on Earth situation is through quiet activism. A couple of words about this, activism, be it through focussing on the suitable considerations, reflections, petitions, the patterns of energy attracting similar energy, rebelliousness and getting the news out… all adds to making the ideal result. It works synergistically: The more individuals focussing on this energy, placing it into the human morphogenetic field the more prominent the impact, subsequently, the clouded side’s shortcoming, being dwarfed.


Taking everything into account


Considering that the world is a deception welcomed on through your own effort will you decipher this as a dire philanthropic message to pick the side of affection, harmony and light via serving others through serene activism? Do the tranquil activism for your loved ones.


… What’s more, shouldn’t something be said about your kids or their youngsters to be? What kind of a future will they have assuming that nothing is finished? What will your answer be the point at which they grow up, just to figure out how much their opportunity has been confined and afterward ask you were you effectively prevent this from occurring


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