2008 San Diego Chargers Draft Repor

2008 San Diego Chargers Draft Report

The San Diego Chargers have been boundlessly working on their game in late seasons and last year finished with a strong 11-5 record and a divisional season finisher win. The group’s safeguard is among the best in the association and has really won ahead of all comers among numerous factual rankings. Will the group develop their record and come to the Super Bowl in 2009? One sign of future achievement might lie in the group’s draft decisions for the new season.


Who did the San Diego Chargers choose for their draft decisions in this super cutthroat year? Their most memorable round pick was cornerback Antoine Cason from the College of Arizona. The subsequent choice, in cycle three, was full back and running back Jacob Hester from Louisiana State College, trailed by running back Marcus Thomas from the College of Texas-El Paso. Balancing the draft list were cornerback DeJuan Tribble from Boston School and hostile tackle Corey Clark of Texas A&M.


What was the response of fans and specialists to the group’s draft choices? There was weighty response for the group’s most memorable pick, ev charging station manufacturer¬† ¬†Antoine Cason, a second era NFL protective back and furthermore a previous champ of the Jim Thorpe Grant for Top Guarded Back. Cason completed his profession at Arizona with a great 15 picks and a grounds record of 349 capture bring yards back. Cason played as a starter and reliably began 46 vocation games in his novice profession. He probably discovered that ability from his dad Wendell Cason, a Pac-10 protective back who once played with the Atlanta Birds of prey.


Jacob Hester likewise got ideal notice, as this running back and full back player is a strong competitor. He took his novice group to the 2007 BCS Public Title and got done with a record of 1,780 yards and 20 scores. For his last two seasons he began in his extremely intense school gathering. Then, the Chargers chose to draft Marcus Thomas, a major and strong running back that had constructed a lifelong in school as a main rusher. Thomas was likewise one of a handful of the players in his school’s set of experiences to score in excess of 100 places in a season. The group is anticipating that Hester and Thomas should assist with making up for the shortfall left by leaving player Michael Turner. DeJuan Tribble is a double cross All-ACC pick and an exceptionally quick player who tied a school record by scoring three capture returns for scores, while Corey Clark has played as a three-year starter for the Aggies and got noteworthy notice for the All-Enormous 12 decision in 2007.


In any case, the remainder of the group’s draft picks didn’t earn as much recognition as the initial two. As a matter of fact, Thomas’ pick was met with some wariness as it was a touch of pointless excess for a group that had just a modest quantity of picks. Tribble has driven numerous to contemplate whether his little size will be a negative variable while Clark likewise disappointed. The San Diego Chargers are expecting to one or the other rest on Hester and Cason or shock us with the abilities of their lower level players. You can be that the Chargers are making arrangements for triumph this season and if 2007 demonstrates anything it’s that you can’t exclude them.


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